For its Binance launch, Crypto Automata (ATA) has gained over 4500%!

For its Binance launch, Crypto Automata (ATA)

 On Binance today, crypto ATA is off to a flying start, with its price rising by over 4000 percent in minutes. It will be interesting to see if this price level is sustained throughout the day, but in these time of crisis, such a launch leaves one dreaming.

Crypto Automata (ATA)

Concentrate on Automata (ATA)

Over the last several years, we've seen a slew of new cryptocurrencies emerge on the virtual commerce landscape. Those who have heard about the new Automata cryptocurrency token (ATA) should pay attention to this new coin, which has been available on Binance since this morning.

Automata provides privacy protection services for Ethereum and Polkadot-based digital apps, and the Decentralized Service Protocol has already raised $2.4 million in a private startup fundraiser from KR1, Jump Trading, and IOSG Ventures.

Many important personalities in the industry have lent their support to Automata. These organizations understand the value of a private and secure environment in which dApps may thrive and Web3 can continue to flourish.

“From the technical progress of the team to the partnerships concluded one after another with the largest and most active projects in the industry, it was evident that Automata had both the vision and the ability to execute it right on target,” Keld van Schreven, co-founder and managing director of KR1, said in a statement.

“Our support for Automata Network is a testament to our dedication to the long-term development of a privacy-driven Web3 economy, and we look forward to the team continuing their fantastic work,” Mr. Van Schreven continued.

“It is quickly becoming evident that privacy is vital for any decentralized application that relies on the Web3 stack, and there is no mistake about it,” Jocy Lin, Founding Partner of IOSG Ventures, added. Automata is, in our opinion, becoming a market leader in this field. With each consecutive deployment of the team's use cases, The eloquence and simplicity of their answers immediately wowed us.“

Price of Automata Token (ATA)

Because ATA is one of the newest coins on the market, its price is now $ 0.00000106284. Experts predict that by the end of 2021, the ATA will have reached its all-time high, reaching $ 1.

There is no doubt that the ATA will be able to raise prices in the next years. If we recall the debut of other recently launched altcoins such as Shiba Inu, Safemoon, and Elongate, we can observe how quickly these altcoins rose in value. While this may be true, cryptocurrency analysts believe ATA will follow a similar path.

By 2026, we expect prices to rise.

Today, Automata (ATA) joins the token pool at the above-mentioned price. ATA is no exception when it comes to rising prices, as the cryptocurrency market sees the entrance of many new tokens in a short period of time.

The vast consensus currently estimates that the ATA coin's price will reach roughly $ 60 by 2026.

What is the location of the ATA price chart?

You can use to find out the ATA token price trend on a daily or monthly basis. Users can obtain the specifics of ATA's smart contract via the part's contact address on BSCscan.

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