Norton has added Ethereum mining to its array of products


Norton has added Ethereum mining to its array of products

Norton Crypto, a new crypto product, now allows a small number of  Norton customers to mine Ethereum.

NortonLifeLock announced its aim to allow customers to mine cryptocurrencies in a statement released yesterday. The initial release will feature a service aimed at customers of the Norton 360 suite who are still in the early stages. The company also stated that it plans to expand the initiative in the coming months to allow all of its 13 million consumers to participate.

By offering this function, the firm disproves the notion that Ethereum mining can only be done by giant organizations with several huge server farms. Despite the lack of a precise date for when other cryptocurrencies might be included in the program, the statement hints that the business will evaluate additional popular digital currencies over time.

Users will be able to mine Ethereum Users will be able to mine Ethereum In general, users must disable security software in order to mine cryptocurrency, leaving them susceptible. Vincent Pilette, CEO of NortonLifeLock, told CNN Business that Users who must allow untrusted code to execute on their computers are vulnerable to ransomware and other cyber dangers, according to the report.

Norton Crypto is expected to give significantly improved security protocols that would keep users safe. The company will also implement a cloud-based wallet as part of its effort to develop a dependable way to mine. The digital wallet will be critical in ensuring the safety of users' funds. It will eliminate the risk of losing digital revenue, which is currently stored on hard drives by the majority of users.

Gagan Singh, NortonLifeLock's Solution Manager, expressed his delight as he noted that with this new product, NortonLifeLock becomes the first cybersecurity firm to allow consumers to earn money while their computers are idle. The new technology, according to NortonLifeLock's CEO, will speed up the Ethereum mining process. The technical difficulties that typically deter potential miners will be efficiently solved, allowing more people to mine cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, yet it trails Bitcoin in market capitalization. In the future, NortonLifeLock may adopt more well-known cryptocurrencies. It would be reasonable to do so because the hash rate of Ethereum is no longer appealing to lone miners wanting to earn a profit. The present global chip scarcity will also be exploited by Norton Crypto. If users don't want to spend money on mining hardware, they may want to switch to PC cryptocurrency mining.

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